Segway Tours are a terrific English Speaking Tour experience for the whole families, individuals and small groups who would like to visit Florence and Rome on the coolest ride of the 21st century!


Segway Tours are the best for Rome Guided Tours because they offer a fun, unique and exhilarating way to see the sights of Rome in less time than sight seeing by foot.  Highlights: Circus Maximus - Arch of Constantine - Roman Forum - Colosseum - Trajan's Column - Palatine Hill - Orange and Rose Gardens - Santa Maria's Church and its Bocca della Verita wall sculpture - Breathtaking panoramic views over Rome. 


The beauty of Rome at night is unparalleled by any city in the world. Make this the memory you take home with you. During the Night Rome Tour, our guides will tell you many interesting anecdotes about the city. 


Experience Florence by Segway! This once-in-a-lifetime experience is enriched with essential historical information, while introducing you to Florence's hidden treasures, legends and stories. Highlights: Strozzi Palace - Orsanmichele Church - San Lorenzo - Duomo Square - Baptistery - Uffizi - Santa Croce Square - New Market Square (Porcellino) - Signoria Square - Repubblica Square - Santa Maria Novella - Tornabuoni


See the Pearl of the Renaissance at night, when Florence’s famous sites are beautifully lit and most enchanting. You will also learn many interesting things about Florence and its renaissance and medieval palaces. For example, you may see,what seems like a small wooden door. You may think that it could be an entrance for cats, but it was historically used to sell wine! In the old times, many wealthy families of the city used to be wine producers and at night, when it was very dangerous to have an open shop, they used to sell wine through that small door peasants and local Florentines. People had just to knock to ask for a  good glass of  wine.  Today this is no longer in operation, but you can easily find good Tuscan wine in enotecas and wine bars located throughout the city center!

ADDITIONAL SERVICES we also offer Bike Tours in Rome and Florence. If you are wine lovers you can also enjoy our Food Walking Tours in Florence, Rome and Milan. Please also check our suggestions about things to do in Rome